Chodzenie po mieście. Od Nova

Part of this project is also walking.

Walking in the desert and walking in the city.


Bungeeing or flying.

But flying doesn’t let the traces on the surface of the world. Walking does.

Mostly she is alone, there are no words and no real traces. Just space.

long duration performance 12 h, 2018

(…) it was 12-hour walk around Berlin during which, thanks tu the connection to Google Maps and an application for drawing a route, I enter the word FORCE in the City map. My path is defined by the order of the letters. No mapping out the route contributed to any inadvertent breaking of laws and arrest by the police(force) and consequently, the necessity to choose another path, which could be observed in the letter F.

When walking, I followed the principle of “keep walking”. I hat twelve envelopes prepared with a link to the performance and the phrase “keep walking” written on each, which I would hand out on the hour, every hour, on random to different people, without any additional explanation.

performance, experience, action in public area
exlusive ecological art, 2017

Felicja meaning “happy”. Here is one of that has not finished up in the broth (in Poland, the obligatory dish served on Sunday’s lunch) was what we manifested during our Sunday walks, that we took in Old Town, in Kraków. The price for saving her life was an adaptation to new conditions. Fela took up residence in one of Cracow tenements houses on Lea Street with myself. MT, Lumiér’s cat and several plants including two ficuses benjamins. In the kitchen by the balcony, there was a wooden chicken coop arranged for her.

Walking with Felicja and the experience of sharing a living space with her aroused a lot of emotions. McDonald’s environs aroused the most critical underbelly point. Our walks turned to be devastating.

And an the top of it, drawing the city with / by Maria Nova:

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