Barataria 24 Civil Marsch for Aleppo

We had already here some posts about marching for Aleppo, as I also took (though very shortly) a part in it, in Berlin, in Chech and in Greece. Now it become an Odyssee of wandering from island to island. I think they are now real Baratarians, so maybe I join them again... Janusz Ratecki Civil… Continue reading Barataria 24 Civil Marsch for Aleppo

Ratecki March (reblog)

Tomorrow I fly to Thessaloniki to join the March for Aleppo for some talking (and not walking) days. I do not know what we shall talk about but I will suppose it will be that... Janusz Ratecki Since 26th december I have been marching for peace with #CivilMarchForAleppo. We started in Berlin, and daily, with… Continue reading Ratecki March (reblog)