Safe Abortion Day: Soliaktion in Berlin, 28.09.2020

28.9.2020 | #SafeAbortionDay | 19.00 Brandenburger Tor
Together with Berlin-Ireland Pro Choice Solidarity
Ni una menos Berlin
Bündnis für sexuelle Selbstbestimmung
and many other organisations and individuals,
we stand in solidarity for choice, for rights, for dignity and safe and legal abortion.

Fotos: Gabriella Falana
Tanz: Magdo Magdo
Art: Anna Krenz
Performance: Anna Krenz, Magdo Magdo, Urszula Bertin, Agnieschka Glapa, Ania, Elisabeth
Scenariusz do performance “VOICES” by #DziewuchyBerlin @ #BotschaftDerPolinnen
28.9.2020 | #SafeAbortionDay | 19.00 Brandenburger Tor – Screenplay/Drawings: Anna Krenz
Directed by Dziewuchy, music/ light: Kuba Pierzchalski, dance: Magdo Magdo, storyteller: Anna Krenz, Sisters: Urszula Bertin, Agnieschka Glapa, Ania, Elisabeth; Scenography: Anna Krenz

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