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I already published here a weird text I got send to me every day in a river of spams every blog administrator got evere day. It is a never ending procedure which, happily enough, are stopped by akismet, ein defence programm against spam. Once upon a time among all that money slots and girl porn wchich build a main of tha avalanche of spams, there was even a religious story about two small twin brothers of seven which were discovering Jesus in a playing with they parents. It was send to me in parts and it took about three weeks to complete the story.

Now I find etwas, which would be a coming-of-age story with music in America. Maybe it will have the following parts. I’ll let you know. Interesant, the sender of that is download frank casino ep…x

Casino is juts normal sender of spam; suggest something from the East Europe – Russland, Rumenia, but no, Rumenia is RO, Russland is RUS, and RU is… Burundi. But is exactly, what you erwartes, a Hompepage of furniture magazin in Moscow near to Andropov Prospect. Online and in Russian. Anton Morice, about whom I hoped, he coud be our searched author, is only one to find in net: Anton Morice Cerda Henriquez, living in Chile. And not a writer. An intergraltrainer, whatever it means… Online portal Stop Forum Spam writes: erscheint in unserer Datenbank 470 mal. OK spam, no way.

 The last try: BG, initials beginnig both capitels of that story. On the Wikipedia-List of BGs all over the world I find: Boris Grebenschtschikow (* 1953), Russian Poet and Musician. Let’s hope it’s him and my blog get him so long wanted fame :-). Bat I do not think he needs fame like that. Wikipedia writes: he is widely considered the “founding fathers” of Russian rock music. Due as much to his personal contribution as to the undisputed and lasting success of his main effort, the band Aquarium (active since 1972 until today), he is a household name in Russia and much of the former Soviet Union. Grebenshchikov is colloquially known as BG after his initials.

Maybe it is him. I mean – his text… Anyway it is dealing with facts. All links from me.

BG: Spur of the moment, but this half a freestyle, and half an old verse I never put on a track. It was years ago so I was more than likely high out of my mind. Could certainly tell by lengthy hair and “stop snitching’ shirt Experienced been wearing. I love those guys absolutely no one will ever do that together again!

The school will provide you with an ugg. The money that you spend on that Art Carved Class Ring is the better devoted to a beautiful wooden frame for that diploma. You’ll never be embarrassed any diploma for a wall, and never tuck it away in a desk cabinet. And besides, even after finding the frame, personal cash loan have plenty of money make moves meaningful – like taking a weekend day at Cabo.

During that time period, albums included “The Dirt Band”, and “An American Wish.” The band also performed on “Saturday id test game live 22” and provided backing for Steve Martin on his million selling novelty tune, “King Tut.” They released several more pop albums adverse reactions . time, getting around the country music roots they started that has.

I came into this world in 1973. Saturday Night Live first hit the air in October of that year. One time i was young and sneaking associated with your my bed. I’d sit in the hall way and listen to my father laughing at the show. I could not wait till I was old enough to watch it.

BG: Aren’t getting me wrong, if it weren’t for hard drugs, my parents record collection wouldn’t be half as big as it must be. Though in my case, undertake it! say, “yo, I smoked the best weed and wrote this dope song”, but for me, using a level and clear head helps me be more creative than any drug could ever make my vision.

Mussachio, a complete time guidance counselor, searching for to position himself for their big fight and a win over Thompson could land him one. Mussachio rebounded from a tough loss to world rated Garrett Wilson, a fight which was very close when he was stopped in the 12th round, to defeat Billy Bailey in May of 2012. With a career plagued by inactivity & with father time catching up, Mussachio must looked to impressively dispatch from the the tough Thompson.

Letters to Juliet is an unabashed chick flick. This may be a good selection for a date at home this year. It’s a love story about beautiful folks beautiful settings, plus there’s the added Shakespeare/Romeo & Juliet element. Instrument chick flicks, if really want some easy viewing, if you’d like a snuggle on the couch type movie, rent Letters to Juliet.

Overall, having been impressed and happy to relive my concert memories while listening to Beautiful Mess-Live on Earth, and I felt motivated and inspired by Mraz’s lyrics. The DVD includes extras because “Fall Through Glass,” and videos of Mraz on tour from summer. The DVD forces you to laugh once you watch Mraz and his friends amusing themselves on tour, you will also achieve inside look from Mraz and his video director as they determine what songs perform most optimally with what visuals for music movie clips.

Even if it is most possible, the author is an American, I still remember the Russian conection of tha mail adresse from which this text was sen to me. So let’s belive it is that Russian BG. Today in a London club Under The Bridge you can go to concert of BG. So go, if you are in London. The guy is really good.

Борис Гребенщиков и группа “Аквариум”

“Песни и танцы Гипербореи” (Pieśni i tańce Hiperborejów)

(Старое, новое и политически некорректное)

17, 18 и 19 мая 2019 года в лондонском клубе Under The Bridge пройдут концерты Бориса Гребенщикова и группы «Аквариум». Это первые за последние 5 лет выступления “посла рок-н-ролла в неритмичной стране” вместе с группой в полном составе в городе, где «каждый камень Леннона знает».

Целые поколения выросли под “Аквариум”. Их подпольные записи слушали в СССР на бобинах и кассетах, из текстов песен узнавали о «сансаре и нирване». Каждый их новый альбом становился событием, под их песни люди влюблялись, взрослели…

В этом году легендарная группа отпразднует свой 47-й день рождения, но «Аквариум» решительно отказывается почивать на лаврах: музыканты постоянно ищут новый звук, экспериментируют со стилями и жанрами.

Каждый концерт “Аквариума” – настоящий праздник для его поклонников, который редко заканчивается раньше полуночи. Гребенщиков всегда стремится найти идеальную гармонию между местом, временем и способом исполнения своих песен. Программа предстоящих концертов, как всегда, держится в строжайшем секрете, но будет отличается от той, которую лондонцы слышали на акустическом концерте Гребенщикова в 2017 году. Будут и совсем новые, еще не записанные песни, и классика «Аквариума».

«Аквариум» выступит в полном составе:

Борис Гребенщиков (вокал, гитара), Александр Титов (бас-гитара), Алексей Зубарев (электрическая гитара), Андрей Суротдинов (скрипка), Брайан Финнеган (свисток, флейта), Лиам Брэдли ( ударные), Глеб Гребенщиков (перкуссия), Игорь Тимофеев ( саксофон, банджо), Константин Туманов (клавишные, аккордеон),

По словам Гребенщикова, “Аквариум – это сияющий зверь. Он приносит вам лекарство. То, чего вам не хватало, а вы сами этого не знали.”

Двери открываются в 19-00, концерт начинается в 20-00.

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