Berlin, you are so wonderful

Since April 1st, 2017

For Jacek with many thanks for telling me about

It is how The Haus is looking now. And do not think, I do not know how to write the house. I know. It is it’s name: The Haus.

It was given to the artists and artist’s groups for doing what they like all over the house. In every room and space in the entire building. Five floors. Staircases, corridors, toilets, ceilings, walls, windows, rooms.

108 dope artworks (spaces) are waiting to be seen, to be experienced and to be memorized by you. Every single piece is created by one of the 165 artists from Berlin and all over the world. But be aware that THE HAUS is created to be destroyed – in the end of May the gallery is going to close and the wrecking ball will follow.


Nürnbergerstrasse 68/69
10787 Berlin – Germany

 Visit it now because later will be to late!


Please do not take any pictures in THE HAUS. Enjoy the art, the atmosphere and the moment. Look through your eyes and not through the screen of your phone. Every visitor gets a bag for his or her phone at the entrance. Cameras are not allowed. Please respect the artists and this rule – it’s totally worth it.

 So I did pics only from outside. For the other pictures just look HERE: making the art – or HERE: pieces of art – or HERE: the crew.

It is how The Hause will be look like.


 Tuesday to Sunday  // 10.00 am to 8.00 pm – last entrance between 18.30-19.00


Only 199 persons can visit THE HAUS at the same time – please note that you maybe have to wait.

O yeah! I waited 2 hours. And it was so cold in Berlin! 6 degree and icy wind! And please notice the line in front of the building.


Pay what you can and what you’d like to – THE HAUS is a place for everybody who wants to know how to experience art in a proper way.

I spend 2 hours visiting all spaces in The Hause. It is just a big big playground for street artists. A lot of graffiti. What I liked? Everything, but especially:

The room made of moos with the white table staying there with a laptop on it – author: Senor Schnu.
The room od mirrors by Wizet.
The room made by Notes of Berlin with so many funny or sad notes founded in Berlin and just taken or photographed.
And a wonderfull she artist – Anna Bengard – with blue hair, who made the room number 301. Her art is a horror, I mean, she pictures horror, and it is a big deep black hole between her looking like and that what she is creating…


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