aniajamesAnna & James Muus

sent me a beautfiul Easter post card with Funny Bunnies and Chicks from the firm PIESKOT which means DOGCAT… Inside the traditional Easter greetings and two great limericks, which are their speciality. Both, post cards and limericks.






That is for me and about me:

There once was a woman so regal,
who worked to defend the white eagle.
Her blog was her tool,
to point out the fool,
who decides this limerick’s illegal.

The other one, well…

There once was a VIP cat,
who wanted to have his own flat.
His roommate quite soon
comes back from the Moon

The last line is left for us, for me and for you to complete. I made it as a first one. Thinking about my cat Schyzia who desecened last month (and thinking I am not a VIP but my CAT!), I wrote: bringing the cat an awesome Moon hat. But of course there are another possibilities…


Please send us your version of the last line!

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