Barataria 24 Civil Marsch for Aleppo

We had already here some posts about marching for Aleppo, as I also took (though very shortly) a part in it, in Berlin, in Chech and in Greece. Now it become an Odyssee of wandering from island to island. I think they are now real Baratarians…

Janusz Ratecki

Civil March for Aleppo’s shape has certainly changed. Prolonged waiting period for the permission for going through Turkey made us first to go to Bulgaria and now to visit Greek Islands. CMFA chose the symbolic – Lesbos and smaller, troubled Chios and Samos. We are not marching any more, but instead we meet with NGOs, refugees and local people. So we basically returned to the „roots”, which was showing the solidarity with refugees on our way. I have mixed feelings about what we do now, and how we do it, but in the reality, its effect of our previous decisions and actions (or lack of it). Sometimes we collect information as journalists, but we are not them. We help as volunteers, but we are also not volunteers! We are marchers, that dont march, because local conditions are full of risks. And I think that we shouldnt put anyone at risk, in the first place.

So what do we do now? Who we are? We are lost like Ulisses, experiencing night, sleeping with open eyes, under the Greek sky. We are the last on the ground, hoping that cmfa is still worth of time and effort. Or maybe we are just blind? Anyway we will continue to sail toward Syria.


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