Z archiwów Andrzeja Rejmana

Andrzej Rejman

Petersburski łącznik cz. II

Otrzymałem niedawno list od Andreja Frołowa, o którego zainteresowaniach pisałem już raz na tym blogu. Jako że stanowi on uzupełnienie wpisu sprzed dwóch lat, a odnosi się do prezentowanych zdjęć Petersburga sprzed ponad stu lat – publikuję go z małymi skrótami.

Andrej pisze:

“…Members of our group are still discussing your wonderful photos – we all admire them, without exaggeration. Some depicted locations were newly determined. So, we have amended our first suggestion that the picture

“Hrebnicki 3_Institutskiy shopping mall” (photo 1) had been taken on Malaja Spasskaja street. Instead,it was Institutskiy Prospekt, clearly visible signboards of various stores led us to this conclusion – all the stores are listed in the phone books of that time (they have been recently scanned by our Russian National Library website). At least one food store is still existing on this place:


The depicted shopping mall was very close to Institutskiy Pereulok (not Prospekt, these are two different streetnames), where the family of your grandfather probably used to live. You’ve sent two pictures that allow the suggestion about the photographer’s special relationship to the house with the current adress Institutskiy Pereulok 5-9. One of these photos was probably the view from the flat window of Institutskiy Pereulok in the south direction (fot. 2 ). The other photo depicts the house itself (fot 3). There is also a general view of Institutskiy Pereulok in the north direction (fot 4 ). Another picture (fot 5) shows how does it look like right now (was taken on 17th February 2018). The current general view of Institutskiy lane (south direction) should not be missed (fot 6).

The view from the photo “Kemeri_Villa Mitau” (fot 8 ) is not belonging to our neighborhood, it has been taken in the Latvian resort Kemeri (or Kemmern) near Jurmala. One member of our community managed to find an other photo of this marvellous building in the Internet (fot 7).

Oryginalne zdjęcie Hrebnickiego

The next photo (fot 9 ) grants us a rare view of the villa with an informal name “Three wells”. It was located approximately here:


Thank you very much again for the photos! It was a huge step forward for the local history of our district Lesnoy. I hope our correspondence will continue and I could provide you with the news about depicted locations. …”

Andrej Frolov, St. Petersburg

I ja dziękuję Andrejowi za szczegółowe opisy i pasję w kultywowaniu pamięci o jego mieście, które było też miastem młodości moich przodków…

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