New Robinson (optimistic Don Quixote)

Martyne Trempe Sortir de l’illusion (12 April 2022)

For $13,000, Englishman Brendon Grimshaw bought a small uninhabited island in Seychelles and settled there forever. When he was less than forty, he quit his editor-in-chief and started a new life. At that time, no human had set foot on the island for 50 years.

Brendon found a companion among the indigenous. His name was René Lafortin. With René, Brendon has started equipping his new home.

While René often didn’t come to the island, Brandon lived there for decades, never leaving her.

For 39 years, Grimshaw and Lafortin planted 16,000 trees with their own hands and built nearly five kilometers of trails. In 2007, René Lafortin passed away and Brandon was alone on the island.

He was 81 years old.

His island attracted 2,000 new bird species and introduced over a hundred giant turtles, which in the rest of the world (including Seychelles) were already on the verge of extinction.

Thanks to Grimshaw’s efforts, the once-a-desert island now houses two thirds of the Seychelles fauna. An abandoned land has turned into a true paradise.

A few years ago, the Prince of Saudi Arabia offered Brandon Grimshaw $50 million for the island, but Robinson refused. “I don’t want the island to become a rich’s favorite resort.” This better be a national park that everyone can enjoy.

And he managed to make the island actually declared a national park in 2008.


One thought on “New Robinson (optimistic Don Quixote)

  1. Moze fajnie byloby pojechac i z dala od wojny i innych okropnosci pobawic sie w Robinsona.

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