Koty / cats / Katzen / chats

Lisboa / Bordalo II / trash cats

Bordalo II (Alonso Bordalo) was born in 1987 in Lisbon, Portugal. He is famous for using street garbage to create stunning animals sculptures so as to warn people about pollution and all types of endangered species. His works are considered as «trash art».


Foto Nel Talma-Sutt
My cat having no fun with no laser and no computer

And another cats with no computer and no laser having fun in spite of it.

Bruno Andreas Liljefors (1860 – 1939), a Swedish artist known for his nature and animal pictures. He was the most important Swedish wildlife painter of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He also drew some sequential picture stories, making him one of the early comic creators.

Katt bland maskrosor (Cat among dandelions / blowballs)

Sleeping Jeppe

And if you think, you saw already all ways, how to show a cat, look hree:

Siamese Cat by South Korean artist Lee Sangsoo

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